Tina Langhoff

Unique, multi-layered and forms…

My ceramics are hand built and coiled

Example of multilayer/burned ceramic dia 30cm, height 45cm

Through my ceramic art, I seek to express emotion – joy, anger, anxiety, grief, sorrow, vulnerability and love. I work on creating harmony and order in an inner chaos.

I seek inspiration in the shapes and colors by which I am surrounded: People and Nature as well as graphic visuals and surfaces. Infusing this with the inspiration that comes from within, I convey my impressions and emotions to ornamentations and pure forms in my ceramics.

Just as people have different dispositions and contain many layers, so do my vessels, lidded pots and ceramics. To accommodate a multitude of impressions and feelings, I apply many glazed layers and experiment with prints, ornamentation and texture.

I fire my ceramics many times to create a rough and rustic look. This process extends over several days – sometimes even weeks and months just as is the case with most works of art.

I am keen to break with convention. For example, I throw rough, dark clay and many various glazes to create striking contrasts.

What I find fascinating is to explore, push boundaries and experiment and to awake the curiosity of the beholders of my art in order to encourage them to reflect, take in and then form their own opinion

Only the strongest pots and vessels survive.

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